Help us keep our project alive, between the hosting accnts and the social media upkeep we could always use a donor or a sponsor.

How we are keeping things moving now is by the following

What we sell on E bay

So here the deal

we have had many people donate things for us to sell, to help us fund our project, god know with gas prices today traveling will not be cheap.

If its a cuda part or a Mopar part most likely it came from cuda bill, the project owner.

we have a fomoco guy. and a trans am guy and chevy

. all three of these men are weeding down there collections.

For all the men that have bought from us on E bay We thank you and appreciate all the positive feedback. its not about how much we get for the parts its about giving them back to people that need them and helping fund our project.

All these collections have are 40 years deep. so stay tuned we never know what we will find next and put on E bay.

Feel free to us the button below to contact us with wants and needs. we respect E bay and will not take something off of e bay. so please don’t ask.

soon the be sold on Ebay, collectable automotive related items and tools,

How to donate to our project using pay pal

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