Welcome to our Interviews page

On this page you will be able to watch the many interviews we have planed. With the old school men that built the cars before it was easy to do. the men that always started from scratch and found the way thru the salvage yards to finish there builds. the men that pioneered thru drag racing or stock cars to build their rides from salvage yard parts. there was always a guy out there that every body went to for help, but he was never in the lime light or made it famous. We will be working hard to bring those you those men’s story

The True Motor Head Men

Meet Mr Robert Dutton

A one of a kind guy that learned from his father how to make it happen and get the job done. He works with men everyday to help them on there builds. Then turns around and kicks ass on the dirt track every weekend he can.

Big Daddy Don Garlits

Many people know the swamp rat and his history in the sport of drag racing but there was a time when even Don used the salvage yards to get his builds done.

We felt honored when Don replied to us and said he would love to share a few stories of the days when you made your ride from the salvage yard. In February of 2020. We had a great afternoon and some smiles with the Drag racing legend

Stay tuned while we pour thru all the videos and interviews we have done.

We plan to offer a new set of interviews every month. We also have 8 new interviews schedules and many new leads to find the real old school men and women that build and celebrate the American Muscle Cars and Hot rods for the love of the build and the history.