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The men who always started from scratch and found the way through the salvage yards to finish their builds and pioneered drag racing or stock cars to build their rides from salvage yard parts. There was always a guy out there that every body went to for help, but he was never in the lime light or made it famous.

Drag Racing Legend Big Daddy Don Garlits

Delaware Stock Car Racer Robert Dutton

Mopar Jerry and his collection of mopar muscle cars and parts

Rusty Gold A north Florida salvage yard

Drag Fest 2020

1973 Delaware 500 at look at the way it was with Winston cup and dover downs

See a one of a kind Stock Car Collector

The EMMR Museum

Chryslers at Carlisle

South Mountain Drag strip on vintage race day

Muscle Car collector and moonshiner Clyde turner

Ocean City Maryland fall Hot Rod Rallye