Why we did it !!

This is simple Folks. MHM is simply a place to share and have fun and see some sexy ladies that every now and then can get naughty.

That what it’s all about.
Just a small place for men that love to tinker and wrench can hang out.

This is not a big corporate set up to scam your info or a place we plan to stuff ads down your throat. This site is run by a few old friends that came up with a better social media site.


We guarantee you, we will not sell any of your information. That’s one of the reasons we are running this because we are tired of those sites and being told:

“What we need to see and what we should buy”

It’s real fcking simple to us because we are a bunch of old school men and women that are fucking tired of corporate sites and we are not going to sell out!

One thing to Remember

Motorheadmen.com will always be free to hang out and have fun. Just Car talk and men stuff.

No politics and no bullshit!!! NO PORN

If you do stop by, remember it’s a social media site.  You’re not going to see much  unless you join some friends. We suggest you join some groups,or add one of the top cementer’s on the site until you build up some friends.  This way you really get to see what’s going on.