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A small group of men and women who felt there were a few things missing from the Old school automotive culture on the Web. So we decided to bring a new look to the old times. A time when Old school car building was different, and finding the parts to build your ride was a journey filled with the stories from the men who wanted to help with other people’s builds.

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Meet the Team

It is our vision as a team to help the young car lovers meet the old car lovers; to help them understand the way it was in the past and to help anyone that needs it whether it be a new Hot Rod or a old Hot Rod. Here, we all share the view that we decide what we want to bring to the Web. We all work together from all different areas of the world to build and maintain the Motorheadmen Networks.



Cuda Bill

Creator / C E O

Cuda Bill created this site after years of being told he could not see what he wanted to on the Web and he was tired of seeing the same old things on the Web.

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Hot Rod Hanna

Shop mechanic/Model/Office Administrator

After graduating high school in the mid-west I joined the US Military for 3 years, spending 1 year overseas in Korea. I am a mother and a business owner. I am a free spirit determined to get the most out of life. I worked in Corporate America for 17 years before deciding I needed to do things differently.

I have been doing small modeling jobs off and on for a few years. I don’t take myself too seriously here, I am completely comfortable in my imperfect skin and I hope to see more women feeling the same.

“The more you know is the more you’re worth.” I believe this to be true and I am beyond thankful and excited for this project. I have always wanted to learn how to fix my own cars and now to be a part of something so much bigger is an honor. Bring on the muscle!

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Ashley, also know as Mopar Baby

Content manager / Media site specialist

When Cuda Bill is your father there are a couple things you can expect from Ashley; she might know more than you about cars and she calls BS when she sees it! She spent her entire life living with and being around Hot Rods and Muscle cars. She knows what it takes to build a old car. Ashley has many years of experience vending at muscle car shows and has a love for classic Camaros. From the time she was 12 years old, she has worked on and always helped in the the Muscle car shop.

Ashley has a great balance of understanding ‘shop talk’ and the vision of the MotorheadMen networks, she has a way with words and an eye for curves. This specialized skill set makes Ashley an outstanding content manager and will not be taking any shit from the guys and gals on the Mtrheadsocial social media pages. She knows the goals and vision for this media site. She plans to help monitor and be a helping hand to everyone that chooses to be part of it. She will not tolerate bashing or posting of un-wanted items.


Content manager / Videographer

Tommy is a accomplished road course racer and avid classic car builder who also helped his father build many old muscle cars. He, himself, owns a 1970 big-block GTO Judge.

He is a learning and practicing videographer, video developer and editor.


Sr Web Application Developer / Database tech

BSC IT 2017 to 2020 Sikkim University

2016 – 2017 Acesoftech Academy , 2017 – 2018 Suhanastech , 2018 – 2019 Adonpub LLC , 2019 to current Designing and helping the web implemention of the Motorheadmen Networks



I have a BA in Broadcast journalism. I love talking to people and they love talking to me right back!

I’m curious by nature and have a special interested in old-school “Car Guys” and their stories. My interview style is light and bubbly and you will forget there’s  even a camera running. I want to hear your stories, see your work, and maybe even get in your car!

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A New Beginning to An Old Life

From the 50’s until the 80’s life was different. Motor parts were not as easily available and we went to Salvage yards to find what we needed to build our rides. In fact, half the fun of building the old machines was sifting through the Salvage yards for hours for that single part; listening to the seasoned builders, who always had a tip to help the build or a fascinating tale that went along with that little part. As time goes on, we are losing those stories as well as the Salvage yards that made it possible to find what we needed. And so, a few old Motorheads decided to document and share those old stories and to save and share the images from the yards that are left today, before they are all gone.  It was a battle to find parts, but it was a fun battle at times to walk the yards. So, we started documenting the stories and the men and women who still live the old school ways.

Our Purpose

This site is a tribute to the old school Motorheads of the world. Men and women who love turning wrenches and getting their hands dirty for building their own rides.  It does not matter if it’s a hot rod, a truck, a bike or a muscle car. If you are a Motorhead you are welcome. We are not after the most popular or the everyday wrencher.   Our goal is to provide stories of the men who build cars from scratch during a time when every part had to be found. Their stories are priceless.  The guys who always helped other to learn and build their rides from whatever they had to use. These men always had a good lesson to help the men and women and always had a story to go along with their lesson.

Also, there are many men and women today working to preserve the history and we are glad to help them bring it to one spot on the Web.

Our Story

Long ago, when life was simple and motor parts were not so easily found; a fervent group of men established a community to gather people with a passion of building old-school vehicles. And so sprang the idea of Initially, it was focused on interviewing old school men and women who had spent their lives building the cars since the days when you spent as much time searching for parts as you did building. Back in the late 70s, all through the 80s and the early 90s; when it was way harder to build those vehicles. Back when every little town had that one good-old, motor- guy who shared their skill and advice to help others build their dream cars; who knew all the stories; all the salvage yards, and all the tricks to make it possible. Also, to show and share the stories of the men that went out of their way to find parts and cars in order to save them in hope someone would need that part or that old car.  Now we are losing the salvage yards and all the stories that go along with them.

Sadly though, these treasures of old-school veterans are being lost to the world. And people like us, just cannot bear this loss. Hence began,; a website dedicated to the lost stories of building old-school vehicles. To offer our skills and mindset to anyone who’s interested.

Our Efforts

We sought out to interview some really cool veterans of this art. Masters of motoring with intriguing accounts of their lives and builds; leading to more old-timers and even greater stories. We strongly felt that this needed to be preserved on video and continued our quest. Today, after only a year or so, we have more than 100 leads and still more pouring in every day. We also have been able to get some pretty awesome stories from the men that remember those days and the true efforts of these men in order to preserve them.

We hope you stay tuned to our channels and enjoy our work.

A side Note about today’s builders

We are not here to bash anyone or put down today’s art of the builds.  But simply to share the way it was in the past   There are many many men and women out there doing amazing builds with everything the world has to offer.  In ways we wish we had the resource available today to build the machinery. The world of building cars has change in the last 15 years. There are some incredible retro builds today and talented men and women with the passion to see them through.   We salute all the true machinery builders today. 

Being able to build the right ride the way we want it is a true passion; a passion that we hope is passed on to all the young men and women that love cars and old machinery.  With out the stories and the history we have nothing. The true young builders today need to see and learn where it all started.


Next Steps…

Currently, we are working toward a balance between the social site and and are attempting to make it a one of a kind site.