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This site is a tribute to the old school Motorheads of the world. Men and women who love turning wrenches and getting their hands dirty while building their own rides.  It does not matter if it’s a hot rod, a truck, a bike or a muscle car, If you are a motor-head you are welcome here.

If you share our passion for building old school rides, and love hearing the stories from the builders, the Race car owners and salvage yard owners who had passion to persevere the parts and cars then, feel free to take a test drive through our site.

This site was built by Old School motor head men and women, for old school motor head guys and gals. 

Tell us what you think. We are just getting started. “Stay tuned” to see all we have that’s we have planned to offer.

WE REALLY HOPE YOU ENJOY IT. This will always be a free site   

See the Interviews and Stories with the real Motorhead Men and Women about the salvage yard days and getting the cars built.

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Meet the Old School Motorhead men that love to collect the old parts and cars

See some of the interview video’s and images of the men that love collecting the history and the parts. They all love to share their stories.

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The beautiful and sexy Hot Rod Hanna

as she learns the Old school Car world.

Watch her videos as Hanna learns to work on and build muscle cars. She has also became a working staff member that is learning many new things about the old school car world.

See the salvage yards that still have rusty gold.

See some of the images from the old Salvage yards that still exist today. before they are all lost in time. Soon many of them will just be memories.

Meet a Man that work’s hard to preserve the racing history

one piece at a time

Meet Chad Culver, preserving Delaware dirt track history “One piece at a time”

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We have several ladies on our staff that want to write about the real ladies out there that live and breath hot rods. Many of them work on them as well. So stay tuned for the old school hot rod ladies pages

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