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Our Crew and Hot Rod Hanna felt very honored to sit down with Mr. Garlits for the afternoon and listen to the stories. We all shared some smiles and laughs about the days when you ran what you have and sometimes you need parts from the salvage yard to get it done.

When he learned his need for speed

His most prized piece in his Museum

Don talks about his first wife and helping Shirley

Who is Don Garlits

I was shocked to find out that a lot of the younger crowd didn’t know much about Big Daddy Don Garlits. I have to say i was kind shocked. many of these young men and women are into fast cars and many styles of racing. Well this man is one of the first pioneers and true innovators of drag racing. Don is a true motorhead man! Mr Garlits built many of his first race cars from salvage yard parts. If he couldn’t find it and buy it, then he made it. So we decided to share a few of the You tube videos that shows Mr Garlits history and we have to tell you all. If you ever get the chance you have to stop buy and see the amazing drag racing museum that don put together in Ocala, Floridia. this museum is was truly put together with many of don’s personal parts from his drag racing history. The museum is a true testament to the early days of drag racing and the men and women that pioneered the sport. With there innovations and efforts back in the day. Drag racing would not be what it is today.

Be sure and watch the following videos, these videos our not made by us. but put together by some talented men and women to help share and document the true spirit of the early drag racers and help the younger men and women learn what this sport went thru to be what it is today.

A few other stories from Don Garlits