Every now and then you meet that special lady that enjoys old cars as much as we do! Well guys, we hit the jack pot with this one, not only is she Beautiful but She loves to work on and drive old cars.

Meet Miss Hot Rod Hanna

Here’s the story

Hanna came to hotrodbabez.com for a sexy old car photo shoot. After her shoot we talked with her and realized Hanna’s true love for old Chevelle’s and trucks. Well One thing lead to another and we learned that she is one of a kind!

Miss Hanna is a down home mid west bad ass country girl! 

After explaining to Hanna our ideas of the sites that we planned to open. She shared that this was her life growing up and she would love to help! She wants to learn how to build old cars and she jumped right in! Hanna sees this project as an amazing opportunity to learn how to rebuild some of Americas finest old muscle cars and is hopeful to inspire more women to get their hands dirty & empower themselves.

Miss Hanna served in the U.S. Army for 4 yrs. She was a successful business women in Manhattan for 12 years. and is a proud mother of three children. She decided to make a change in her life and do some things that she always wanted to do. So she went out and started modeling at 42 yrs old. When we met her she had always wanted to learn to fix cars. seeing that she had been ripped off a few times getting her own car fixed. She wanted to get out and make sure she was not stupid about cars. So when she found her way into our project we thought she would fit well. She told us she wanted to learn the cars and about restoring old cars. She has always wanted to enjoy the old hot rods. The first time we where with her and she heard her first nitro funny car, her eyes lit up. She loved the way it sounded. So we decided to start teaching her about the old cars, drag racing and stock car racing. Little did we know what a perfect fit she would be. She started working with us to help with the office and help manage the sites.

In early February of 2020, we realized that the perfect opportunity to show her more of the car world was now. So we ended up taking her to Florida to the Daytona 500 and to see Big Daddy Don Garlits museum. Plus we decided to stop off on the way to a few old salvage yards to let her see the way it was when builders needed parts, not so many years ago. To show her how the old motor head men found their parts by going salvage yard hunting.

While we where there in Florida the opportunity arose for her to meet and interview None other then Mr Don Garlits himself. She nailed the interview. This little lady is off to a great start of learning the old car ways and the old car world.

Miss Hot Rod Hanna Modeled for Hot Rod Babez and worked with us for about a yr or so. she traveled with us and filmed with us in hopes to learn about the Hot Rod Culture and enjoying the tracks and people.

See a few shots as she wonders thru the old car salvage yards and as we visited Daytona. she realized she has a love for the many different styles of the old car gauges and dashes.

Hell this little lady has stepped into our office and is working with us to build, design and admin our sites. She definitely adds some class to our office.

What do you think?

Now you will be able to see her own style of interviews with the old school men and women here on Motorheadmen.com

She also has a profile and hangs out from time to time on our own social media pages at


where you can also see all her modeling shoots and sexy assets