On this page you will be able to watch the many interviews we have planned with parts collectors.

With the Old school men that went out and collected parts thru the Salvage yards.; whether it be to re-sell them or to build their own rides. It’s always fun to hear the stories of the deals they found or the parts and cars that got away.

The True Motor Head Men Parts Collectors

Meet Mopar Jerry

Mopar Jerry is one of a kind guy that learned from a early age what he loved most in life. When we first meet Jerry the first words from his mouth was “its Mopar of No Car” and that’s all he has. so if your not into mopars we can get the hell off his property.

Meet Cuda Bill

As one of the creators of this site. We talked Cuda Bill into sharing a few of his stories from the days he was out collecting parts and cars for his restoration shop.

Stay tuned while we pour through all the videos and interviews we have done.

We plan to offer a new set of interviews every month. We also have 8 new interviews scheduled and many new leads to find the real old school men and women that build and celebrate the American Muscle Cars and Hot rods for the love of the build and the history.