Early January of 2020, We where working in the office with Miss hot rod Hanna and us old boys where talking about all the junk yard days and what it was like finding the old parts and listening to the stories of the cars that got away. Hanna looked at us and said it must have been real cool to see all that stuff in the 70s and 80s. One thing lead to another and we decided to take Miss Hanna on a series of road trips. She really wants to know what it was like building the muscle cars and hot rods. After making a few plans, we found our production staff in Florida. We decided to show miss Hanna more of the racing and Muscle Car world. While we where there we found several old Salvage yards that allowed us to take pictures of their rusty old gold. Wow what a trip down memory lane it was. In the north east it’s hard to find old car salvage yards that still have the real old school cars. Hope you all enjoy the images we have to share.

Old Gold

We took hundreds of pictures that day , so feel free to follow the link below to see all the pictures from this old school salvage yard.

Stay tuned to see all the old school yards we find and get the chance to film.