Welcome to our Interviews page

On this page you will be able to watch the many interviews we have planed. With the Old school men that built the cars before it was easy to do. The men who always started from scratch and found the way through the salvage yards to finish their builds and pioneered drag racing or stock cars to build their rides from salvage yard parts. There was always a guy out there that every body went to for help, but he was never in the lime light or made it famous. We will be working hard to bring the stories of these men.

The True Motorhead Men

The Drag Racers

Our very first Drag racer interview was with Big Daddy, one of the winning-est drag racers in history.

He started out building his cars from the salvage yards. We felt honored to have gotten a few hrs of his time.

When you built cars from scratch to accomplish your dreams on the track.

The Dirt Track Racers

Meet the men that build built the cars and the parts they needed to get the job done.

Stay tuned while we pour through all the videos and interviews we have done.

We plan to offer a new set of interviews every month. We have 8 new interviews scheduled already and many new leads to find the real Old school men and women who build and celebrate the American Muscle Cars and Hot rods for the love of the build and the history.